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Short Hair? Why Not?

By Abhishek Vats (Guest Blogger)

Contrary to the traditional short hair, men are fancying themselves long hairstyles and why not? It goes great with the beard and is auxiliary to the manly personification.

However, if we look at the ladies. Most of them are still not comfortable with comparatively short hair. I know-I know, it takes time for hair to grow and you treat them like your babies and it’s hard for anyone to cut their babies *That came out wrong*. But as a hair-toying expert, I will provide you reasons that why you should switch to short hair. @Juhi Bansal can back me up here. Take a look!

1. Monsoon is almost here and with the romantic showers often comes problems for your hair. Imagine a world where blow-drying takes only a couple of minutes, that world could be yours.


2. Long hair requires more time, efforts and products otherwise they could get damaged. But, if you have short hair; straightening, conditioning, oiling, etc. everything would be much easier.

3. Daring girls are sexy. There’s something hot about a woman who refuses to go with the tides and is a trend setter. 

4. Hair colours and highlights are more appealing when they are done on short hair. Just in case if you are in the mood to give your haters something to talk about!

5. It is pocket friendly. Need I say more?

6. Okay, now this might be my own superficial fantasy, but short hair tends to make your facial anatomy more uplifting. So, if you have a beautiful oval face or sharp jaw line, flaunt those babies!

7. Let’s face it, jokes and judgements will fade away in time and so will your short hair, but this is something you have always wanted to try. If you are waiting for the perfect moment to go short, it’s now!

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