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She calls face recognition for students and teachers unnecessary and disproportionate

She calls face recognition for students and teachers unnecessary and disproportionate

According to a 2015 report, around 100,000 people in Marseille live in accommodations that endanger their health or even their safety. Therefore, after the collapse, massive criticism of Mayor Jean-Claude Gaudin was loud.

The city administration sees the accident, however, in a possible connection with heavy rains in the past few days. Extensive renovation work has been going on in the center of Marseille since 2011, but it repeatedly stalled.

House collapse in Marseille: rescuers recover several fatalities from the rubble cause unclear: two houses in the center of Marseille collapsed

Meanwhile, a tenement house with three apartments also collapsed in the north-east of France’s Charleville-Mézières. Like the local newspaper "L’Union" reported, there were initially no reports of victims. The fire brigade was able to save a woman. As a precaution, 50 people were also brought to safety from the neighboring buildings.

Sources used: dpa news agency

In France, conservative politicians are calling for schools to be monitored with video cameras and face recognition. Privacy advocates are alerted and warn of a new normal.

Big Brother finds its way into French schools and authorities: This is what data protectionists fear and therefore sound the alarm. It is about systems for automatic face recognition. These are to be used in French schools and for online administration services. This would be a first in the EU. Critics are already warning of conditions like those in China and the USA.

The plans for facial recognition in schools are particularly controversial: The conservatively governed Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA) region wants to test the technology in the Mediterranean cities of Nice and Marseille. At grammar schools there should be entrance portals equipped with cameras that only open when a student’s face has been recognized electronically.

Data protection authority stops plans

Unauthorized and possible violent criminals should be stopped at the school gate. By the way, security personnel should also be saved. After the Paris attacks in November 2015, French schools tightened their controls.

But the Paris data protection authority CNIL has put a stop to the plans. She calls face recognition for students and teachers "unnecessary and disproportionate". Conventional ID cards were completely sufficient for controls, the data protection officials found.

The conservative mayor of Nice, Christian Estrosi, reacted indignantly. The data protection authority is stuck "apparently still stuck in the 20th century"he criticized on Twitter. He and the region would soon come up with new facial recognition plans.

Ministry of the Interior drives digitization forward

The French Ministry of the Interior is also pushing ahead with plans to use the technology.to kill a mockingbird courage essay A new smartphone app called "Alicem" go to the start. It is intended to provide citizens with secure access to the administration’s website.

The Ministry of the Interior is promoting the app as "Top solution" and as open sesame for online services that require particularly strict personal controls – for example when issuing a passport or driver’s license or at tax offices.

Will face recognition become normal?

To use the service, citizens should scan their biometric passport with their smartphone. They also have to make a video of their faces with their mobile phones. The government then compares both with facial recognition software before sending the users an access code for the online services.

"Even if this is not real-time face recognition with surveillance cameras, face recognition as a means of identification becomes normal", criticizes the data protection association La Quadrature du Net.

"The state must protect itself from itself"

The plans are controversial even in the French government: Digital State Secretary Cédric O called for a new control authority: "The state must protect itself from itself"he emphasized. "The technology may be useful in identifying terrorists by a lot", he said. But it also harbors massive risks.

Fear of Chinese conditions is widespread in France: The communist country is considered a pioneer in facial recognition – and the surveillance of its citizens. Not only schools and companies use the technology. In supermarkets and bakeries, the Chinese can use facial recognition to shop without using cash or a bank card.

California prohibits use of the technology

In Berlin, too, face recognition systems were tested for a year at Südkreuz train station from August 2017 to improve security. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) then spoke of a success, while critics saw citizens under general suspicion. 

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In the USA, the security authorities in particular use the technology. However, the state of California recently banned its police from using cameras for face recognition. He relied on test series of the civil rights movement ACLU: Politicians were wrongly identified as wanted criminals "recognized" been.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Shortly after the White Island volcano erupted, the New Zealand police minister said it was madness to send rescue workers to the island while it was not safe. Now he’s changing his mind.

New Zealand rescue teams are planning a risky operation to rescue corpses several days after the volcanic eruption on White Island. Despite the warnings from volcano researchers of a possible new eruption, the New Zealand police approved the dispatch of a rescue mission, as they announced on Thursday.

The rescue workers are said to be looking for the bodies in the volcanic area as early as Friday, as Vice Police Chief John Tims announced. Authorities believe they know some places where the remains of the deceased could be. Drones and helicopters flew out shortly after the outbreak and gathered information.

Shortly before the salvage mission was announced, Police Minister Stuart Nash said in a radio interview: "It would be madness to send men and women to White Island when it is not safe for them there." However, the pressure on the authorities from relatives to start the search on the island had recently increased.

People are still in mortal danger

The number of fatalities caused by the volcanic eruption rose to at least eight. According to the police, two people died of their injuries in the hospital. Several people were also in mortal danger with severe burns. Authorities suspected there were at least eight other previously uncovered fatalities on White Island.

When the White Island volcano erupted on Monday, 47 people were on the island. Among them were four Germans who, according to the Foreign Office in Berlin, were injured. The other excursion tourists and tour guides came from Australia, the USA, Great Britain, China, Malaysia and New Zealand.

Dead and seriously injured in New Zealand: Germans are also injured in volcanic eruptions Popular travel destinations: Volcanoes are so dangerous Witnesses report a loud bang: Earth shakes under the Hambach Forest

White Island is the only active volcanic island in New Zealand. The volcano is also known under the Whaakari what "the dramatic volcano". Thousands of tourists visit the island in the north of the country every year.

Sources used: AFP news agency

In the morning, two houses collapse in the center of Marseille. How many victims are under the rubble and why the buildings collapsed was initially unclear.

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The collapse of two buildings in the center of the southern French port city of Marseille triggered a major operation. In the incident on Monday morning, at least two passers-by were slightly injured, the authorities said. Rescue workers searched the rubble for possible further victims.

The two neighboring buildings were evacuated as a precaution. Dozens of residents had to leave their homes, police spokesman Philippe Bianchi told the AFP news agency.

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Only rubble and rubble remained of the buildings

The accident happened just a few steps away from the Old Port, which is very popular with tourists as well as the residents of Marseille. Local residents said that after a huge noise the street was covered in dust. All that remained of the two buildings was rubble and debris. During this time, many people were on the street, said a 26-year-old neighbor named Ludovic AFP.

A city council representative said one of the buildings had already been locked for security reasons. However, it cannot be ruled out that people might have been in the neighboring building, which had also collapsed.

On pictures taken in July of this year by the online map service Google Maps, it can be seen that the two buildings already had numerous cracks at that time. Neighbor Ludovic, who lives across the street, told AFP that they were in the two buildings "poor people" lived. The houses were in poor condition. 

Over 30 injured: house collapse near Liverpool

Alexis Bonetto, who owned an apartment in one of the collapsed houses, said the house was already 200 years old, but it was "the norms" complied. For two or three days, however, the residents had been concerned after the floor shifted and the front door no longer closed properly. That’s why repair work was planned this week, said Bonetto.

Sources used: AFP

A military helicopter crashed near the capital of Caracas in Venezuela. He was on his way to a military exercise in the presence of the President. Several people were killed in the process.

Seven people were killed in the crash of a Venezuelan military helicopter near the capital Caracas on Saturday. The helicopter should fly to the western state of Cojedes, as the Ministry of Defense announced.

President Nicolas Maduro is there to see a series of military exercises. These should demonstrate Venezuela’s military readiness for action. Authorities are investigating the cause of the crash, the ministry said. 

Venezuela: Head of State Maduro wants to capture his intimate enemy Against Francis: Conservative theologians accuse Pope of heresy Sexual abuse filmed: Police use pictures to search for suspects

Maduro accuses the United States of trying to overthrow its socialist government. On Tuesday, the self-appointed and US-backed interim president Juan Guaido called on the military to carry out a coup. Protests followed, in which tens of thousands of people took part.

Sources used: Reuters news agency

Almost three years after the kidnapping of two girls in Tunisia, they are back in Germany. Before the departure there was another dramatic development.

Two girls from Hanover who were detained in Tunisia for several years have returned to Germany with their mother. On Tuesday they arrived at Hanover Central Station. The mother said that they were very happy, but that they needed rest first. The Tunisian authorities let the family leave the country on Tuesday night, reported the NDR. In the early morning they landed at Frankfurt Airport.

Everything went well in the end, the mother wrote to the German press agency before arriving.

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