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Each player gets a mythical Greek hero card that gives them a special power—like building two pieces of tower, or moving Shooting Games twice under certain conditions. With the cards, Santorini plays best as a three-player battle, where you and two other friends are continually self-balancing the game.

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After a few rounds players start to compete for animal cards, each printed with the rules for who nabs them. For example, the giraffe might go to the current planetholder with the biggest desert that touches a jungle, and the blue whale might go to the planet with the most unconnected oceans. Together, that duo secretly enacts one of three arbitrary government policies.

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The hidden Fascists try either to discreetly enact five Fascist policies together or to elect Hitler as chancellor. Every game will descend into a dark spiral of collusion, lies, and impassioned accusations. You’ve never had so much fun accusing your friends of being Hitler.

You’ll find yourselves ganging up on anyone close to winning, capping towers so they can’t climb on top—until somebody discovers a brilliant move no one can stop and takes the match. Scythewas the best game of 2016, and it many ways, still hasn’t been beat. In this gorgeously illustrated steampunk reimagining of 1920s Eastern Europe, five players complete for regional prestige, resources, and territorial control of a hexagonal game board. Here, you and up to four friends will take the reins as Charlemagne’s royal architects. You’ll send your goons to buy up blueprints, collect money, secure building materials, and construct fantastic wonders. While the game is quick and simple to learn, Planet demands a creative spatial awareness that I found fantastically challenging. This makes Planet a great for players of all ages, or a perfect game to break out on family game night.

  • Your mistakes are permanent and death can’t be sidestepped by loading a recent save.
  • To make matters worse, or better, in our opinion, Outward constantly auto-saves your game.
  • Outward immediately disposes of the self-centered savior complex that we’ve become cozy with in so many action RPGs.

The majority of players start as generic 1930s German Liberals, but a few are card-carrying Fascists—and one of the Fascists is Hitler himself. The great irony of Jaws is that it’s certainly suited best for breaking out with players born way, way after the film’s 1975 release. As an hour-long, weeknight family game Jaws is an absolute must-buy. The rules are few and easy to grasp, turns move quickly—especially for the players working together—and trying to remain hidden as the shark is gigglingly devious.

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Each terraforming project has a planetary effect, and will give you a special bonus—for example, allowing you to produce resources like titanium faster, or lowering the cost of future projects. It’s by chaining those bonuses together to form clever bonus-earning engines that you’ll earn the most victory points and win the game. Ignore the cartoonish artwork, the Duplo-esque game pieces, and simple rules. This game is chess with more dimensions, where the most strategic, cutthroat player wins.

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