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Equestrian knowledge are very important with the nomadic life style with the and this Kazakh culture depends

Equestrian knowledge are very important with the nomadic life style with the and this Kazakh culture depends

More many thousands of years regarding public invention, Kazakhs arranged pony online game so you’re able to vie and have a great time and adjust fuel, agility, and control whenever you are driving. A number of the games are rooted in the newest emergency types of the new faraway earlier in the day and others are only to own activity at the holidays-the online game helps to develop a religious unity and you may caongst the new Kazakh individuals. Kazakhs have worked in preserving these online game even after development a very sedentary lifestyle, and after this, zero big event will be complete without them.

Alaman Baiga

Alaman Baiga are classified provided that-range racing getting regional horse types. Nomadic people demands an ability for very long vacations, and therefore necessitated the reproduction from good ponies having unmatched success. Alaman Baiga brings an examination for in your town bred horses along side span of 29, fifty, otherwise 100 kilometres off harsh terrain. Cyclists often braided the newest horses’ tails and you can manes or bird feathers or other decorations were utilized to protect this new pony out-of harm-not all of this new ponies lasted the newest racing, although not. Now, that it equestrian video game continues to be well-known certainly Kazakhs, but it’s kept inside the hippodromes, where a thirty km races was prepared.


Shorter-distance events have been called Baiga. Baiga is both one or two, four, or nine miles all over top ground. You’ll find different departments in accordance with the horse’s age-for those horses young than simply three years old, new racing are to a couple kilometers; ponies more youthful than four competition to four miles; and you will horses older than five years race this new longest point: 9 miles. Baiga try stored during of numerous vacations and you will whoever has a pony is also participate in the crowd.


New old game out of Kokpar (and its particular party type, Ulak) isn’t only an element of the society out of Kazakhstan but also one other places from Main China. The goal of the video game is to lift the latest carcass from a great ram and you can send they to help you a specific section or put they on an enormous cauldron. Cyclists show great energy, a firm grip, and you can supreme equilibrium regarding the seat if you’re bending for the floor to pick up brand new ram. Title “Kokpar” means on Kazakh while the “Bluish Wolf”. The foundation in the name’s regarding the after the legend: in the olden days, during the winter, nomads staged hunts to own https://kissbrides.com/american-women/riverside-tx/ wolves. Through to coming back household, new candidates amused by themselves because of the fighting towards predator’s carcass. Throughout the years, which google search lifestyle became a game title, the fresh new carcass of your wolf was replaced of the an effective sheep, and you can tournaments began to be kept during the major holidays. Now, this game is considered the authoritative equestrian recreation in the Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan or any other Central Asian countries. The biggest Kokpar tournament try kept as part of the Game away from Nomads, constantly kept during the Kyrgyzstan.


Audaryspack try Kazakh grappling on horseback. Competitors make an effort to knock the competitors from other ponies via holds, holds, and so on. A historical online game, Audaryspack is great degree to possess fighters since it expands besides grappling feature however, grip strength regarding saddle. A century before, the game are believed compulsory and you will is discovered away from youth-males staged fights looking at foals, rams, and you will bulls. There were together with experts in pony selection who had been capable pick the strongest, very nimble horses.

Kyz Kuu

Which enjoyable tradition of Kazakhstan and you can Kyrgyzstan translates as “catch up with this lady”. Kyz Kuu is actually held while in the holidays and you will celebrations, which have young girls and you can boys engaging in the online game. The young some one carry out into the bright federal garments and you can adorn its ponies, delivering a colorful show to own elders and you will tourist alike. At the rule, her sets off on her pony. A couple of seconds later on, brand new son rushes once the woman, applying for a hug. If he could be unable to score a hug by the completing part, she has permit so you can chase him returning to inception, trying to hit your that have a good whip. Always, the newest pursue point in one guidelines are 400-five-hundred yards.

Kume Alu

“Pick-up this new money”, because name is interpreted of Kazakh, was a casino game where in actuality the driver must assemble as numerous coins that you could. New gold coins was covered with brief jewelry and you will outlined into the a column. The fresh new rider which accumulates more gold coins benefits. This video game means expert control, equilibrium, and you can a robust grip as the hanging right down to scoop in the coins.

Tymak Uryp Zhygu

Tymak Uryp Zhygu is actually an enjoyable game and that you aren’t a beneficial horse may take area inside the. Within this games, a pole out of a little more than just several m large are installed on a deck. Good headdress entitled an excellent tymak is placed atop brand new pole. Players look at the tymak and therefore are then blindfolded, given good whip, sat on the ponies, and you may spun to several times. This new rider up coming provides about three tries to hit the tymak off the new rod towards the whip. If incapable of exercise, about three far more attempts is acquired of the carrying out a song or merry dancing. This game are mostly starred in significant vacations.

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