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Potency disorders: What diseases can be behind it? Complaints about insufficient effect: Do potency pills help at all? Semen with penicillin: Anaphylactic shock after oral sex

The battering ram’s website is temporarily unavailable, managing director Koral Calisir does not answer the phone. The responsible police headquarters in Konstanz do not want to comment on the incident. The investigating public prosecutor Ravensburg wants "publish information on the case at noon", said a spokeswoman for t-online.de.

Sources used: own research

US pharmaceutical companies have increased their prices. Pfizer and the sexual enhancer Viagra are also affected. US President Donald Trump is angry and announces countermeasures. 

US President Donald Trump has criticized Pfizer and other US pharmaceutical companies for their price increases that have been in effect since the beginning of the month. "Pfizer & others should be ashamed of having raised drug prices for no reason"Trump tweeted. "We will respond." According to calculations by the Wells Fargo bank, Pfizer raised the prices of around 40 drugs at the beginning of the month, including the sexual enhancer Viagra, the blood lipid lowering drug Lipitor and the arthritis drug Xeljanz.

Pfizer & others should be ashamed that they have raised drug prices for no reason. They are merely taking advantage of the poor & others unable to defend themselves, while at the same time giving bargain basement prices to other countries in Europe & elsewhere. We will respond!

– Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) July 9, 2018

A Pfizer spokeswoman said prices for most of the company’s 400+ drugs have remained the same. Only ten percent had adjustments, in some cases downwards.

Criticism of the pharmaceutical industry: Trump wants cheaper drugs The blue miracle in bed: 20 years of Viagra – pill replaced syringe in penis

Trump announced in May that some pharmaceutical companies would soon "voluntary, massive" Announce price reductions. This has not yet happened. Trump also promised to cut drug costs during the election campaign.

Sources used: Reuters

A passenger’s little bulldog died in agony during a United Airlines flight – because the flight attendants insisted on putting her in the overhead bin. It was harmless, the owner was assured.

On the flight from Houston to New York, a puppy died after the flight attendants banished him to a luggage compartment. The affected airline United Airlines said it took full responsibility for the incident and would investigate it. "It was a tragic accident that should never have happened as pets should never be placed in overhead lockers"said spokesman Charles Hobart.

Even before this incident, the airline was under severe criticism. Last April, a passenger was thrown from the overbooked plane. At first they asked for volunteers, when no one resigned, a passenger was selected at random and dragged out.

She was guaranteed security

Passenger June Lara wrote on Facebook that flight attendants on Monday insisted on locking the French Bulldog in for three hours – without an air supply. They had given assurances that the safety of the animal would be guaranteed, so that the owner, who was flying with her two daughters, finally agreed. After landing, the dog neither moved nor made noises.

Maggie Gremminger was also on board. She wrote on Twitter that the dog owner had sat in the aisle of the plane and cried, all of the passengers around "totally upset" been.

Sources used: dpa

After an accident near Raunheim in Hesse, the driver and co-driver fled. The police dog Ilox did a good job – and tracked down a fugitive.

After an accident on Autobahn 67 near Raunheim, the police dog Ilox stopped the passenger in a forest. The driver was arrested a little later in his apartment, the police said on Monday.

The 26-year-old man went off the road with his car on Sunday evening, the car crashed into the makeshift guardrail of a construction site. According to the police, the driver left the car with his 29-year-old passenger and fled on foot.

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The emergency services went on a search with a police dog and found it in a nearby forest – there Ilox tracked down the passenger.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Ennesto Monté is back in full swing after his penis operation. The 44-year-old shoots a porno straight away and, as usual, puts on thick pants in advance. 

The title of the little movie should "The great festival of Schlager lust" ring. Porn producer Wolf Wagner has signed Ennesto and he says "picture": "I have no doubt that Ennesto will prove his desire for Schlager as a whole man." At the first photo shoot, the pop star presents himself with the porn actresses Lullu Gun and Sophie Logan and puts on thick pants again. 

argumentative essay

Penis surgery is well received

"I don’t want my actresses to have wet dreams in advance", the singer emphasizes in relation to the fact that he has not yet unpacked his operated genitals. The fact that Ennesto had the surgery also leads to the offer. "It was precisely for this reason that I offered him the role. That is unusual – for us too", says Wagner. 

The ex-boyfriend of jungle camper Helena Fürst has meanwhile well prepared for his porn role. "Actors like Til Schweiger or Matthias Schweighöfer also prepare well for each role. That’s exactly how I did it and I’m really well prepared"he notes. 

Helena Fürst is pregnant: fiancé Ennesto Monte calls for a paternity test"The stars’ summer home": Sex Zoff between Aurelio and Ennesto

But the TV star is not plagued by self-doubt anyway. Is he afraid of failing in front of the camera? "Do you actually know who you are talking to? After all, I’m Ennesto Monté", the Playboy just explains. 

Sources used: Image: First porn with operated penis

Not only organs can be donated, but tissues as well. In contrast to the heart, kidney and the like, the transfer from donor to recipient does not have to go very quickly. On the contrary. What are the benefits of a tissue transplant.

What is suitable as a tissue graft?

"In addition to heart valves, corneas, bones, tendons, connective tissue or skin are suitable for processing as tissue transplants"says transplant doctor Frank-Peter Nitschke. Tissue transplants are to be distinguished from organ transplants such as kidney, heart or lungs.

Benefits of tissue transplantation

The prepared tissue can be stored in liquid nitrogen for five years. In contrast to organ transplants, there is also no rush to remove them. After a patient’s brain death, there is usually only a window of a few hours to insert an organ into the recipient. Tissue, on the other hand, can remain in a deceased person’s body for up to 36 hours before it is removed.

"This time is of great importance"says the intensive care physician at Rostock’s Südstadt-Klinikum Jan Roesner. Especially if the deceased does not have a donor ID or a corresponding living will and the relatives have to decide.

Strict guidelines for tissue collection

The medical director of the European Tissue Banks Foundation, Theo de By, refers to the strict guidelines with which tissue removal is regulated by law. An unauthorized use of tissue from deceased is excluded. Tissue is transplanted around 52,000 times a year in Germany, in contrast to a little more than 3,000 organ transplants in 2016.

Lungs, intestines and co .: Organ donation – which organs can be donated? Saving lives: becoming an organ donor – what are the requirements? Health: The number of organ donations in Hessen has recently increased slightly

In Nitschke’s view, the public benefit is of considerable importance. "The entire area of ​​organ donation in Germany is part of the non-profit sector. There should be no sell-out of the human body"he emphasizes. Organs and tissues "post-mortem donations".

A young driver had an accident in a rental car in Cologne and damaged several cars in the process. The man did not have a driver’s license, but drank plenty of alcohol.

There was an accident in Cologne-Höhenhaus early on Sunday morning in which a 21-year-old damaged a total of three cars. According to the police, the young man was driving the car from Dünnwald towards Mülheim when he hit a traffic island on Berliner Straße at high speed.

Then he slammed his car right into a Ford and a Nissan, which had been pushed into each other by the force of the impact. The result: According to the police, all cars were completely wedged.

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The young man was uninjured in the accident. However, the officers noticed that he had been drinking alcohol and ordered a blood sample to be taken. Because the driver also did not have a driver’s license, he is now threatened with several reports.

Sources used: Cologne Police: Communication dated December 6, 2020

A truck driver in Thuringia reacted with presence of mind: he blocked a wrong-way driver on the autobahn – and possibly prevented something worse.

A truck driver stopped a wrong-way driver on Autobahn 71 in Thuringia. As a police spokesman said, the 30-year-old consciously blocked the left lane with his truck on Wednesday night when a car came towards him from the wrong direction at the Erfurt-Bindersleben junction.

Collision in Bavaria: Four dead in an accident with a wrong-way driver. Car rolls over: One dead and three injured in a serious traffic accident. Emergency landing in Siberia: Pilot rescues crew after engine damage

After the successful blockade, the truck driver held the 43-year-old ghost driver until the police arrived. An alcohol test showed a value of 1.84 per mille. According to the information, the man had to surrender his driver’s license immediately. He is now being investigated for endangering road traffic.

Sources used: dpa news agency

When it comes to shaving for acne, there are a few tips that will protect your skin and prevent new pimples from developing. If done correctly, wet shaving can actually relieve your discomfort.

You need these items of clothing in your closet
Photo series with 12 pictures

Dry or wet shave?

The answer to the question of whether you should dry or wet shave your skin doesn’t just depend on personal preference. Especially when it comes to shaving for acne, you need to find the best option for your sensitive skin. In general, the wet shave is superior to the dry shave in terms of thoroughness. However, this procedure is also more irritating to the skin.

For acne shaving, however, most experts recommend shaving with a foam and a blade. Because when you shave wet, you not only cut off the beard hair, but also remove the topmost areas of skin. There is a peeling effect. Tip: If you use care products after shaving, the active ingredients can better reach the foci of inflammation in the skin.

This is how a gentle shave succeeds

A sharp blade and enough time for the shaving foam to take effect – these are the best tips for gentle shaving with acne. The foam makes the hair smoother and enables shaving with little pressure. It’s good for the skin. Especially for men with acne there are gentle shaving products that contain substances that soothe the skin, for example.

Another tip: The best time to shave if you have acne is before you shower. The shower water causes the skin to swell, which makes it difficult to shave and can lead to new pimples after shaving.

Personal care for men: These electric razors are thorough and gentle Shaving: Shaving legs: Good tips for men Ingrown hair and pimples: Avoiding mistakes when shaving – Tips Skin type decides: wet or dry shave – which is better? Preventing razor burn: Care after the shave – a boon for the skin Beard care: Tips for the perfect beard

Good hygiene is essential

No matter whether wet or dry: Hygiene is always crucial when shaving with acne. This means that you should clean both the razor head and your razor blade regularly. It is best to use a disinfecting liquid after each use.

A 36-year-old threatened customers in a supermarket in Ahlen. He pulled out several knives. A special police unit had to arrest the angry man.

Officials from a special task force arrested a rioter armed with knives in a supermarket in Ahlen in the Münsterland region. According to a statement from the police, the 36-year-old had threatened customers in the shop on Thursday morning and pulled a knife. This then moved out with numerous emergency services and brought customers and employees to safety.

The 36-year-old was not very responsive to the police’s requests, the police said. In the meantime he ran threateningly towards the police with knives in his hands, but withdrew again.

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The requested SEK forces arrested the man about an hour after the first alarm. He was slightly injured and was taken to a hospital for care.

Sources used: dpa news agency

Corona as a scam: In Hamburg, an alleged doctor tried to steal several thousand euros from a man.

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