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Athletic, when already serene began to give the best of himself

Athletic, when already serene began to give the best of himself

The next Barça coach, Ernesto Valverde, has another great passion beyond football: photography. The Extremaduran coach is passionate about this art since his time as a footballer and in 2013 he had the honor of seeing published ‘Medio Tiempo’, an extensive photographic work with his best creations by La Fábrica Editorial.


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Ernesto Valverde

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Incoming Barça coach Ernesto Valverde’s hidden passion

These are 66 black and white photographs that Valverde took between 2004 and 2012 and that portray his surroundings on and off the pitch, going beyond the purely documentary and transcending the reflection on the scenes and characters immortalized in his melancholic photographs . Travel landscapes, social snapshots -especially from Greece-, the atmosphere of the football stadium, family portraits or portraits of your teammates.

His images show a world that is not home, nor is it home, nor country, with common spaces that are hotels, airplanes, buses, soccer fields, tourist areas and, in general, lonely places. In the foreword to the book, Bernardo Atxaga states that "lonely" they seem like most of the people in Valverde’s photographs. "They are at the same time delicate and hard, as if they were made by two hands: a Japanese hand that watches over landscapes, particularly interiors, and a German hand that takes care of portraits. Sometimes both act together, as happens especially in those that take young people as subjects".

The day that Johan Cruyff blessed Valverde

Valverde’s private world

For Atxaga, Valverde’s photographs go beyond what they show at first glance, and transmit – he explains, paraphrasing Carson McCullers- "the feeling of chance, of transience, almost of fear". Sometimes that feeling continues in the prologue, "added to that of sadness, as happens to us when we contemplate the gorilla that inclines its head in the manner of a ‘Pietá’; others, that of joy, as with the image of the kissing couple, except for the desolate series, capable by itself of lightening fear, ‘fear’, which inspires us to contemplate the world".

Johan Cruyff had a soft spot for Ernesto Valverde, whom he coached between 1988 and 1990. He was impacted not only by his intelligence on the field but also by the passion he felt for football and his interest in learning. The Dutchman revolutionized Barça when he landed on the bench of the Blaugrana team and spread his particular philosophy of watching football to his pupils, including Txingurri. It is not surprising that many of those players later decided to become coaches.


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Ernesto Valverde

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The day that Johan Cruyff blessed Ernesto Valverde

10 years ago, when Valverde was on the Espanyol bench, Cruyff was asked if he would see Valverde as a Barça coach in the future. "You always have to see things in your measure. Your work is beyond excellent. If you see Espanyol play, it’s nice to see him. I am very happy that there are people like him or Rijkaard who, apart from trying to play, let people enjoy, because football is for this", the deceased ex-technician responded to TV3. Cruyff in its purest essence.

On another occasion, in 2012, Johan also gave his opinion on Valverde when he signed for Valencia. "It is a great success for Valencia. When he was a player he was very intelligent and he always conveyed his interest in football and learning. He is one of the most prominent and promising coaches in Spanish football", Cruyff valued. It was her way of blessing him.

At the command of Cruyff

In a paragraph of the book ‘My footballers and I’ by the journalist Miguel Rico, Cruyff recounted how Valverde passed through Barça in his time as a player. "Valverde, whom I have a high regard for as a person and a footballer, never played relaxed. He himself put the brakes on and it was, just when he was already transferred to Athletic, when he began to give the best of himself. I liked him, he had good speed, a good shot and he knew how to hit the ball. A precise passer who facilitates goals and knows how to arrive to score them. He had no luck with us and I’m sorry because he had qualities"he explained.  

Bartomeu will announce this Monday the signing of Valverde

SPORT survey: Division of opinions among Barça fans with Valverde

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Barça is looking for a footballer who increases quality in the center of the field and contributes with work. The idea was to sign a top player, indisputable, but the market prices are through the roof and some options are not quite convincing. The footballer who does like, and would have the full backing of the new coach, Ernesto Valverde, is Ander Herrera.


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Ernesto Valverde

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Ernesto Valverde thinking about signing Ander Herrera for Barcelona

The midfielder has completed an exceptional season with Manchester United and conditions may be favorable as he only has one year left on his contract. His name is on the table, but it will be necessary to see if the Blaugrana club can convince him not to renew.

Ander Herrera coincided with Ernesto Valverde at Athletic and was one of their important players. In fact, the coach got angry when United paid the 36 million euros to sign him and Athletic could not retain him. With Valverde he played in midfield positions and even in the midfielder, taking advantage of the immense quality that the player has.

Ander has always been on the Barcelona agenda, but Barça had never decided to go for him. It is true that last summer there were some scores when it seemed that Mourinho was not going to count on him, but the club prioritized the arrival of other types of footballers. The signing of Valverde can be vital to undertake a complicated operation, but feasible from an economic point of view.

Mourinho wants to retain him

And it is that the great handicap will be the position of Manchester United. Mourinho has ended up surrendering to the soccer player’s talent and has made him the undisputed owner and a basic piece of his future project. He loves him and has already given orders to the United leaders to make an irrevocable renewal offer to Ander Herrera. Otherwise they could be forced to put him on the market and Barça is attentive. Both for this summer and, if it were not possible to bring it now, for the next season. His future, at the moment, is open but it is true that Barça has shown interest in him directly.

SPORT Confidential: "Valverde is a crack"

Valverde already works for Barça

Ander Herrera stood out as an organizing midfielder with arrival, but in the Premier he has improved his physical conditions and has become a more complete footballer. Mourinho has even used him as a defensive pivot. Ander has never hidden that his great reference is Andrés Iniesta and that he loves Messi’s game. Barça would be a great opportunity for him, but Mourinho will do everything possible so that he does not leave. They want to renew you before the month is up. If not, Barça will stalk.

It was Johan Cruyff’s first season on the Barça bench. The Catalan team reached the final of the Cup Winners’ Cup after eliminating FRAM in Reykjavik, Lech Poznan, Aarhus and Sredets in Sofia. Sampdoria awaited him.


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The setting was none other than the Wankdorf Stadion in Bern, the same place where Barça lost the European Cup to Benfica in 1961. Up to 20 1xbet.et,000 Balugrana fans came to cheer on the team, which did not disappoint and took the title with a 2-0 result. An early goal by Julio Salinas (minute 4) unleashed madness in the stands and, twelve minutes from the end, López Rekarte sentenced the final for the joy of the culé.

At that time, the eleven was made up of the now sports director of FC Barcelona, ​​Andoni Zubizarreta, Aloísio, Alexanco, Milla (Soler, minute 59), Urbano, Amor, Lineker, Eusebio, Julio Salinas, Roberto and Begiristain (López Rekarte, minute 73).

Led by Dutch coach Johan Cruyff, the Barça club experienced one of the most brilliant and successful times in its history. His signing in 1988 gave way to a period full of successes, in which the Catalans won four consecutive leagues (1991, 92, 93 and 94) and the first European Cup in their history (1992), among other titles.


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Ricard Lopez

And the first of those titles turned out to be one of the most relevant since, without it, Cruyff probably would not have continued on the bench. The Copa del Rey in 1990 saved the ‘Flaco’ from a more than probable dismissal after having left his first two campaigns as head of the team blank.

That longed-for Cup ended up in the Camp Nou showcases at a very delicate moment, and marked the beginning of a new era: that of the so-called ‘Dream Team’. A magical team, not only because of the record it obtained until its end in 1996, but because of its revolutionary style of play, decidedly offensive, touch and spectacular. His philosophy could be summarized in a phrase from its creator: "If you have the ball, the opponent does not have it". An entire declaration of principles.

The Laudrups, Bakero, Salinas and company began their way to the Barça Olympus by eliminating Athletic in the eighth of that Copa del Rey in the 1989/90 season. The ‘lions’ fell by the minimum in the first leg (0-1) and in the second leg (1-0) thanks to two penalties from Ronald Koeman, a specialist from eleven meters.

Already in the quarterfinals, the Catalans had to deal with Real Sociedad. Probably the most difficult tie of all since, despite winning the first leg 0-1 with a goal from Julio Salinas, the return at the Camp Nou was a nightmare.

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