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After lockdown in Gütersloh: Bavaria issues an accommodation ban

After lockdown in Gütersloh: Bavaria issues an accommodation ban

State election in Saxony: CDU and AfD in the election campaign for power. (Source: Reuters)

Concluding topic: Problems in rural areas

The “elephant round” concluded a discussion on problems in rural areas. Left boss Gebhardt called for help for village shops, among other things. In the past 18 months everything that was possible for rural areas had been mobilized, countered Kretschmer and warned against painting a disastrous picture of life in the country. He announced a “check-in” for the province to uncover gaps in supply.

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After the huge Corona outbreak, the lockdown follows: SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach welcomes the decision – and is still concerned about further spread.

The SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach has welcomed the lockdown in the Gütersloh district and at the same time called for citizens there to be prevented from traveling. “The decision comes just in time,” Lauterbach told t-online.de. “You can’t rely on luck in a situation like this.”

Corona outbreak in meat factory – Laschet imposes lockdown on the Gütersloh region

Corona outbreak in meat factory

Laschet imposes lockdown on the Gütersloh region

After the outbreak of the corona virus in a slaughterhouse of the Tönnies meat company in the Gütersloh district, the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Armin Laschet wants to impose a lockdown on the entire Gütersloh district. more

At the same time, the SPD politician criticized: “Armin Laschet’s unclear statements about travel are highly problematic.” Laschet had said that the lockdown did not mean a travel ban, but at the same time appealed to citizens not to travel to other circles. 

“That is counterproductive”

Lauterbach emphasized that it made no sense that the local people had to go into lockdown, but could evade it if they left the circle. “That is counterproductive because it would accelerate the spread of the virus across borders.”

to kill a mockingbird bravery theme After lockdown in Gütersloh: Bavaria issues accommodation ban Laschet announces lockdown: The Corona-driven outbreak at Tönnies: First regional lockdown – the new rules

Lauterbach demanded: “Citizens must be clearly requested not to travel. Only those who have tested negative should be allowed to travel.” An outbreak like the one at Tönnies is preparing itself over many weeks. “It is naive to assume that the virus has not yet spread to the population.” In the circle must now be systematically tested.

Sources used: Telephone conversation with Karl Lauterbach

Unknown people send Saxony’s SPD leader Martin Dulig a deceptively real-looking replica of an assault rifle to his private address. It is not the first threat against the politician.

Saxony’s SPD leader Martin Dulig has been severely threatened. The 45-year-old said on Saturday that a package with a soft-air replica of an assault rifle was sent to his private address by strangers. This is a new, unacceptable high point of the threats, insults and insults that he has been increasingly exposed to since 2015. The editorial network RND had previously reported on it.

The package with the deceptively real-looking replica of the HecklerKoch G36 assault rifle was received by Dulig in mid-May.

Murder case Walter Lübcke: All information in news blog

 According to Dulig, the police are still investigating. The SPD politician, who is also economics minister in Saxony, said he would not be discouraged.

Sources used: dpa news agency

The CDU boss congratulates the CDU candidate in the mayoral election in Görlitz – and initially suppresses the important role of non-partisan supporters.

CDU boss Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer caused annoyance with a Twitter message about the victory of the CDU candidate in the mayoral election in Görlitz. The victory of the Christian Democrat Octavian Ursu against an AfD candidate shows that the CDU is “the bourgeois force against the AfD,” wrote Kramp-Karrenbauer on Sunday evening. Critics accused her of suppressing the important role of the non-partisan supporters who had campaigned for Ursu’s election.

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Apparently in response to the criticism, Kramp-Karrenbauer published a second tweet late in the evening. “Of course, Octavian Urzu’s victory is the victory of a broad alliance for which I am grateful,” she wrote.

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Saxony’s SPD leader Martin Dulig criticized Kramp-Karrenbauer. He wrote on Twitter: “To portray it as a CDU success shows that you have not understood what is happening here in Saxony,” he wrote. “It was a shared success for many.”

The left-wing member of the Bundestag Niemsa Movassat wrote: “The decency would dictate also to thank the political competitors who have called for the election of the CDU candidate in order to prevent the AfDler.” 

Görlitz: CDU candidate wins runoff election – AfD opponent is defeated

 In the “Morgenmagazin” of the ZDF, Kramp-Karrenbauer commented on the subject again on Monday. “I thank you for this alliance because we were united by the goal that the AfD should not be held responsible,” she said. The election in Görlitz had shown that there was an “alternative to the AfD” – namely “good politics from the democratic center”.

Sources used: AFP news agency

The death of the SPD politician Manfred Stolpe causes grief in his party. Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz honors him as a “bridge builder and reconciler”, SPD leader Norbert Walter-Borjans as a “formative personality” for social democracy.

Manfred Stolpe: Stations in a Life

Photo series with 8 pictures

Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz told t-online.de: “Manfred Stolpe was a great personality – with rough edges, with integrity, warm-hearted and clever. In the founding phase of the new federal states he became a defining figure and the first father of Brandenburg. During his life He saw himself as a bridge builder and reconciler. The SPD is losing an upright social democrat, the East an important voice, Brandenburg a great politician and his wife Ingrid her beloved husband. ” Scholz was SPD General Secretary when Manfred Stolpe was Federal Minister for Transport, Building and Housing in Gerhard Schröder’s government from 2002 to 2005.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier praised Stolpe as an “outstanding political personality”. A letter of condolence to Stolpe’s widow stated that Stolpe had “shaped and shaped East Germany’s path to the democracy of a unified Germany far beyond the borders of Brandenburg.” Stolpe was connected to the citizens, the Federal President wrote on. “Modest in his own right, he was demanding and demanding when it comes to social equality in our country

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