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I have been using the Calvert Classic curriculum for 25 years with our 9 children (33-13). Our youngest, who is 13 , just completed the last year of the traditional ATS program. First the program an is academically with short, inadequate lessons, and dated videos, quizzes and games. Getting our child out of this horrible program was worth the loss. Near the end of semester, we had to move to another state, which left my son a lot of lessons to catch up.

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You would have to school 7 days weekly, for 8+ hours to barely keep up. They were scarcely available, and when they did call me back 4-5 days later, it was too late! After months of both my son and I being totally frazzled and stressed out, we withdrew from Calvert. He transitioned to traditional high school and is doing wonderfully. I loved Calvert when my son was in 7th grade 2 years ago.

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BUT what no one really realized is that the conversion to the newer curriculum was already well in the works. This “curriculum” they sold me was their old outdated experimental curriculum. Next, they promised math help with online publisher sites. Somehow these sites never “worked” and despite how many times I called, no change. We ended up going with a whole other math because this one was so bad. I will absolutely second all of the negative reviews here. I chose this curriculum very very carefully 2 years ago.

On top of that, in the middle of this process of moving and settling in the new state, the Calvert changed the platform. As you possibly imagine, we were lost, yet not for long. Soon after, we found that the Calvert was extremely helpful in assisting us and the new platform FileZilla worked so much better for my son. He really liked it and enjoyed his last month in Calvert a lot and wished to stay there. With kind support, words of encouragement from Calvert, as well as my son’s hard work, he was able to complete all of his lessons by the time we had to transfer to his new school. For us, Calvert was in overall a great experience in both Academic and Administration. Thank you for reading and we hope you can experience what we did with Calvert.

Though not perfect, I liked it enough to buy the program for the following year during one of their “sales”. Fast forward to his 8th grade year with the “New Calvert.” It was mostly online, and instead of paper assessments, there were required assignments to turn in all throughout each lesson. The way that Calvert designed the New curriculum made it impossible to finish. I remember my son had to write a 3 page short story, complete with quotations, and ‘evidence’ about whatever topic we were on at the time. We fell so far behind trying to complete the ELA portion and the other subjects were often just as lengthy.

A certified letter should of been sent to all families enrolled in this program – very sneaky and poorly handled. She was rude to a fault and would not let me talk without speaking over me. I work in an office; here are ways to respectfully deal with a customer and she seemed to have no interest in courteous customer service. To make it worse we never were even allowed to finish that next year’s program. Bought the curriculum in December for 6th grade with the promise we had already “bought” the program and it was ours for the following year. However when I called, they told me I had to complete it THAT year…Wait…You mean you sold me two curriculums, then expected me to complete both in one year???? THEN, during their “sale”, they bought commercial textbook programs (many of which didn’t work properly), gave us online access and called it a day.

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